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2nd of December 2016

Tobacco, pregnancy, and the costs of cigarettes

Pregnant women who smoke increase the risk of poor birth outcomes for themselves and their babies. These risks include placental abruptions, low birthweight babies, small for gestational age babies, oral clefts, and certain heart defects.1 Georgia birth certificates show that about 6% of mothers smoke during pregnancy. However, due to the stigma associated with smoking […]

Merrilee Gober, RN, BSN, JD

2nd of November 2016

How can the flu shot benefit pregnant women?

Every year thousands of people die from the flu, and pregnant women are in the “high-risk” category. A healthy pregnant woman’s risk of being hospitalized for the flu is 18-fold greater than for a healthy non-pregnant woman.1 Physicians recommend the flu shot for pregnant women during all trimesters.2 Studies have shown that, overall, pregnant women […]

Merrilee Gober, RN, BSN, JD