HMHB Presentations

See presentations from our community-based education efforts and archived presentations from our Annual Meeting & Conference.

2016 Annual Meeting Presentations (PDF)

Achieving Maternal Mental Health: Patient, Advocacy and Provider Perspectives


Authors: Toby D. Goldsmith, MD & Sarah Schwartz, MHA, MBA

Oral Hygiene, Pregnancy, Birth Outcomes & the First Year


Authors: Tina Titshaw, Help a Child Smile Dental Program

State of the State of Maternal & Infant Health in Georgia 2016


Authors: Merrilee Gober, RN, BSN, JD

Early Screening, Detection and Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorders: New Frontiers of Research Clinical Practice and Professional Training


Authors: Jennifer Stapel-Wax, PsyD

Obesity: Breaking the Cycle with Breastfeeding


Authors: Susan Boekel, RD, LD, IBCLC

2015 Annual Meeting Presentations (PDF)

Long Acting Reversible Contraception: First Line Care for Adolescents


Authors: David Levine, MD & Melissa Kotke, MD, MPH

Maternal and Child Health Disparities: What Does the Research Say About Connections Between Oral Health and Pregnancy Outcomes?


Author: Mary Lee Conicella, DMD, FAGD

A Practical Guide for Protecting Breastfeeding Potential When Medical Supplementation is Necessary


Author: Susan Boekel, RDN, LD, IBCLC

Obesity in Pregnancy


Author: Nicole S. Carlson, CNM, PhD

2014 Annual Meeting Presentations (PDF)

Environmental Factors in Women’s Reproductive Health: Impact on Child Health and Development


Author: Leslie Rubin, MD

Georgia WIC: Breastfeeding Gold Standard


Author: Todd Stormant, RD, LD

Immunizations in Women 2014


Author: Carol E. Hayes, CNM, MN, MPH

Baby Friendly – Putting it Into Practice


Author: Elizabeth Lee McWilliams, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Maternal Mortality in Georgia: Through the Public Health Lens


Author: Maria Fernandez