Action Alert – Support Tobacco Tax Increase

Author: HMHBGA Staff

Contact members (see below) of the Senate Rules Committee and ask them to support HB 882 to increase the tobacco tax to $1.35 per pack. 

Contact These Legislators

In response to the current pandemic, state agencies have been asked to cut their budgets by 11%, which affects a number of critical maternal health services. Additional revenue from this tax increase could greatly reduce or eliminate these cuts. Let Senators know that you support an increase in the tobacco tax as a way to increase state revenue to help Georgia avoid cutting funds for programs needed by families during this time. 

If you live in the following districts (find here), email Amber Mack at 

  • Chickamauga (53) 
  • Gainesville (49) 
  • Macon (18) 
  • Carrollton (30) 
  • Alpharetta (21) 
  • Newnan (28)
  • Athens (46)