Pickles & Ice Cream Social Media Challenge Promotes Healthier Births in Georgia


ATLANTA, GA – Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia (HMHBGA) is celebrating the launch of Pickles & Ice Cream Georgia®—its new perinatal education program—with the Pickles & Ice Cream social media challenge during the month of August. The social media challenge starts August 4 and an accompanying challenge contest will run from August 1 to August 31. 

Local businesses throughout the State are teaming up with HMHBGA in an effort to bring awareness of the new program to Georgia families. Pickles & Ice Cream Georgia® provides free access to prenatal and postpartum education and support services Statewide through its virtual platform at Each week, a local partner will be featured as part of the challenge contest: Butter and Cream (Decatur), Phickles Pickles (Athens), Leopoldo (Savannah), and Jake’s Ice Cream (Atlanta).
How to join in the challenge:

  1. Participants are asked to post a video or photo of themselves eating pickles and ice cream on social media using the hashtag #PIChallenge, tagging Pickles and Ice Cream Georgia on Instagram (@pickles_ga), Twitter (@pickles_ga) or Facebook (gummy pickles are OK!)


  1. Tag others to challenge friends, families and co-workers to participate to do the same!

To enter to win prizes, participants should also share a photo or video of themselves enjoying each featured business’s product (by visiting a retail location or ordering and using their products). To keep up with our featured partners, join the Pickles & Ice Cream event on HMHBGA’s Facebook profile.

Our partners can be tagged at:

While not necessary to participate, donations to support HMHBGA’s mission are always appreciated.

  • Donations between $25 and $100 will go toward providing phone support for a family in need, provide baby supplies for prenatal education participants, or provide books for one person to become a doula or childbirth educator.
  • Donations over $100 will help HMHBGA cover the cost of an online prenatal education course for 10 people, webinars for maternal and child health professionals, or case management services for one pregnant to postpartum family for three months.  

In addition to the social media challenge, HMHBGA is launching a collection of T-shirts, face masks, tote bags and more through Bonfire at All proceeds will go toward HMHBGA’s mission to improve maternal and infant health in Georgia through advocacy, education and access to vital resources.
To support HMHBGA’s efforts in Georgia – please participate in the Pickles and Ice Cream Georgia® social media challenge and visit/share HMHBGA’s fundraising store at