Margaret Master, MBA, MPH

Margaret Master, MBA, MPH is a research manager at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH), where her work focuses on maternal-child health outcomes. She has consulted on evaluation projects with the Decatur Education Foundation, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Boys and Girls Club of America, and the Atlanta Mission. Prior to moving to public health, Margaret Master worked in brand management and product development for the Clorox company. She has volunteered as a Girl Scout Leader for more than a decade. Margaret served as a master’s level intern with HMHBGA in 2017-2018. She continued to volunteer with HMHBGA on the Advocacy Committee and Workplace Accommodations Committee. She was voted HMHBGA Volunteer of the Year in 2019. Raised in California, Margaret now lives in Decatur with her husband and 3 daughters.