Thank Our 2021 Legislative Champions!


2021 Legislative Wins

The 2021 legislative session ended with a number of wins for moms, babies, and families across the state of Georgia. Below is a summary of the victories we saw this year.

HB 146 -Provides three weeks of paid parental leave for teachers and eligible state employees following the birth, adoption or foster placement of a child
HB 231 – Expands the applicability of protective orders for victims of stalking to include people with whom they have had a current or past pregnancy or relationship
HB 287 – Includes tobacco and vaping products in the course of instruction regarding alcohol and drugs required each year for all students in grades kindergarten through 12
-No cuts to maternal and infant health programs in the state budget (HB 81

Despite these victories, we know that there is more work ahead to increase health outcomes for moms and babies. We saw several legislative priorities introduced this year that did not make it across the finish line but will be eligible for passage during the 2022 session. This includes

-Extending postpartum Medicaid coverage to 12 months after delivery (HB 72HB 381SB 173
-Providing workplace accommodations (i.e. food/water breaks, place to sit, lifting restrictions) for all pregnant and postpartum employees and ensuring they are protected from discrimination (HB 650
-Ensuring ALL Georgia employees have access to paid parental leave for at least 6 weeks after the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child
-Protect the dignity of incarcerated pregnant people (HB 377
-Increase tobacco and vaping taxes (HB 394HB 670)

We look forward to working with lawmakers and advocates to uplift and move these policy priorities next session!

Thanking Our Legislative Champions!

The following legislators worked hard during this session to ensure that maternal and infant health policies were prioritized. Thanking legislators for their work helps us keep the momentum for more progress next session. Please take the time to email them and let them know that their efforts are greatly appreciated!

Below you can find their contact information and potential language to use (click each name). Do not send group emails. Each legislator should receive an individual thank you email with their legislative aide copied. This is just a template. Feel free to make the message your own!

Paid Parental Leave
Representative Houston Gaines
President Pro Tempore Butch Miller

Tobacco & Vaping Education
Chairwoman Bonnie Rich
Chairwoman Kay Kirkpatrick

Stalking Protective Orders
Representative Houston Gaines
Representative Bee Nguyen

Tobacco Tax
Chairman Ron Stephens
Representative James Beverly

Georgia Women’s CARE Act
Representative Kim Schofield
Chairwoman Sharon Cooper

Postpartum Medicaid Extension
Representative Carolyn Hugley
Representative Renitta Shannon
Senator Gail Davenport

Workplace Accommodations
Representative Park Cannon

2022 Advocacy Stakeholder Planning Meeting

Please join us on August 13, 2021 from 10 AM to 12 PM as we plan out our 2022 Advocacy Agenda to improve maternal and child health in Georgia. This event is open to all HMHBGA members in good standing, organizational partners, and invited stakeholders. The meeting will take place via Zoom video conference.

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I. 2021 Legislative Recap

II. What We Expect in 2022– Threats, Challenges & Opportunities

III. Partner Priorities: Impacting Maternal & Child Health in the Next Legislative Session

IV. Planning for: HMHBGA Legislative Breakfast & Capitol Awareness Day

V. Other agenda items