Georgia Gives Back


Georgia Gives Day is really about us all it’s about everyone pulling together to support the organizations and causes right in our own backyards and across the state that have been a part of our lives since day one. So, we are asking all Georgians, on November 13th, to give a little and share a little so that, together, we can do a lot for the causes that we all care about. Whether you have $10 or $10,000 to give, it all adds up to greater impact on the issues that support and enrich our lives and make our local communities thrive.

Breastfeeding Welcome Here

Are you a business owner?

Support Breastfeeding! 

Consider posting the "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" window cling! By posting this sign, you tell your customers-whether mothers, fathers, grandmothers or daughters-that you recognize and support a mother's need to feed her baby while out and about.

Support Our Breastfeeding Initiative

Breastfeeding is a public health game changer. It is low cost, low tech and seldom requires any durable medical equipment, drugs, or infra-structure. It does not discriminate: it improves the health of both boys and girls; healthy or sick; premature or full-term, rich or poor.

Breastfeeding protects our infants
from an increased risk of:

  • type II diabetes
  • obesity
  • asthma
  • certain forms of leukemia
  • ear and gastrointestinal infections
  • SIDS
  • impaired neurodevelopment
  • necrotizing enterocolitis

Women who breastfeed
reduce their risk of:

  • pre-menopausal breast cancer
  • ovarian cancer
  • type II diabetes
  • hypertension
  • hyperlipidemia
  • cardiovascular disease (recently determined to be the MOST costly women’s health condition in our country)

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Important Announcements


If you are a woman between the ages of 18-44, you may qualify for free health services - Planning for Healthy Babies for more information.

RSV Virus: For most infants, respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus (RSV) causes an illness like a common cold. But some babies may be at high risk for severe RSV disease.  Click here to find out if your baby is at high risk for severe RSV disease.

Are you a pregnant woman or new mother?  Are you feeling alone, sad, overwhelmed, or angry?  Click here to find out how to contact MHA’s Project Healthy Moms Warmline

Family members are the primary source of Pertussis (Whooping Cough) in infants – click to see Sounds of Pertussis video and learn about the Adult Tdap Vaccine.