Promoting sound policy and mobilizing partners for effective change

In a non-partisan role, HMHBGA engages with a vast cross section of community stakeholders including legislators, families, researchers, business leaders, faith based organizations, independent doulas, hospitals and other community organizations to encourage fiscally responsible policies that promote access to care and improved health outcomes for women, birthing people and their babies.  For more than four decades, we have provided weekly updates during the legislative session related to proposed policies and appropriations that may impact maternal and infant health outcomes in Georgia. We also provide research to policymakers and legislators to inform their decisions. To support our partners, we provide advocacy training, webinars on maternal and infant health policy topics and updates on how federal policy changes are expected to impact Georgia’s programming and outcomes.
Our collective advocacy efforts are geared towards:

  • Reducing Georgia’s alarming infant and maternal mortality rates.
  • Promoting health equity through identifying and incorporating social determinants of health in all
  • Increasing access to care and support throughout the prenatal to postpartum period in rural and underserved areas of the State.
  • Legislation that protects pregnant people and new moms from discrimination in the workplace.

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Stay in the know

During the legislative session, we’ll send you an e-newsletter, Keeping Current @ the Capitol. This legislative update advises you of critical health legislation or departmental policy changes that are under consideration. We continue to make a difference in Georgia’s General Assembly.

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Deepen your Maternal and Infant Health Knowledge

Project 236 is an advocacy tool that can be used to understand the state of maternal and infant 

health in your legislative district! Outcomes include rates of preterm birth, low birthweight, infant mortality, and prenatal care inadequacy. Advocates are encouraged to use this tool to speak with their legislators about comprehensive policy change.

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HMHBGA Working Groups

Please join us as we work to address the following by convening key experts, stakeholders and decision makers to advance maternal and infant health in Georgia:

  • P4HB Waiver Enrollment and Utilization
  • Oral Healthcare During Pregnancy
  • Infant Mortality Prevention
  • Doula and Perinatal Professionals
  • Quality Prenatal Education

Please email Ky Lindberg at for more information about joining a working group. We convene bi-monthly or quarterly depending on the working group.