Research Papers

Explore selected journal articles, publications and abstracts from a variety of sources on topics related to maternal and infant health in Georgia. Some resources listed do require a subscription or membership to access. This selection covers from 2000 through today.


Community contextual effects on at‐risk mothers’ engagement in Georgia’s Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting programme


Authors: Cho, Junhan ; Bae, Dayoung ; Terris, Darcey ; Glisson, Rachael ; Brown, Anita

Implementing Group Prenatal Care in Southwest Georgia Through Public–Private Partnerships


Authors: Grant, Jacqueline ; Handwerk, Katherine ; Baker, Karen ; Milling, VaLenia ; Barlow, Sharonda ; Vladutiu, Catherine

Barriers to accessing adequate maternal care in Georgia: a qualitative study


Authors: Miteniece, Elina ; Pavlova, Milena ; Shengelia, Lela ; Rechel, Bernd ; Groot, Wim

Trends and Factors Associated with Breastfeeding and Infant Sleep Practices in Georgia


Authors: Salm Ward, Trina ; Kanu, Florence ; Anderson, Alex

Association of High Outdoor Temperature and Full-Term Birth Weight in Georgia, USA, 2000-2006


Authors: Yin, Ping




A survey-based study of Zika virus communication preferences among pregnant women in Georgia, United States


Authors: Ellingson, Mallory K ; Bonk, Catherine M ; Chamberlain, Allison T

Partnering of Public, Academic, and Private Entities to Reestablish Maternal Mortality Review in Georgia


Authors: Lindsay, K., Michael ; Goodman, L., David ; Csukas, E., Seema ; Cota, E., Pat ; Loucks, E., Tammy ; Ellis, E., Jane

An Evaluation of the Addition of Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screening in Georgia Newborn Screening Procedures


Authors: Rentmeester, Shelby ; Pringle, Johanna ; Hogue, Carol

Race and ethnicity and preconception folic acid supplement use among pregnant women in Georgia, PRAMS 2009 to 2011


Authors: Mukhtar, Ayesha ; Kramer, Michael R ; Oakley, Godfrey P ; Kancherla, Vijaya


Stakeholders views on the strengths and weaknesses of maternal care financing and its reform in Georgia


Authors: Shengelia, Lela ; Pavlova, Milena ; Groot, Wim



Georgia Maternal and Infant Health Research Group (GMIHRG): Mobilizing Allied Health Students and Community Partners to Put Data into Action (2016)


Authors: Adrienne D. Zertuche, Bridget Spelke, Zoë Julian, Meredith Pinto, Roger Rochat

Bridging the Gaps in Obstetric Care: Perspectives of Service Delivery Providers on Challenges and Core Components of Care in Rural Georgia (2016)


Authors: Meredith Pinto, Roger Rochat, Monique Hennink, Adrienne D. Zertuche, Bridget Spelke

Commentary on Obstetric Care in Rural Georgia (2016)


Authors: Roger W. Rochat

Bridging the Gaps in Obstetric Care: Perspectives of Service Delivery Providers on Challenges and Core Components of Care in Rural Georgia (2016)


Authors: Meredith Pinto, Roger Rochat, Monique Hennink, Adrienne D. Zertuche, Bridget Spelke

Obstetric Provider Trainees in Georgia: Characteristics and Attitudes About Practice in Obstetric Provider Shortage Areas (2016)


Authors: Elizabeth A. Smulian, Leilah Zahedi, Julie Hurvitz, Abigail Talbot, Audra Williams, Zoë Julian, Adrienne D. Zertuche, Roger Rochat

Working Towards Safe Motherhood: Delays and Barriers to Prenatal Care for Women in Rural and Peri-Urban Areas of Georgia (2016)


Authors: Erika Meyer, Monique Hennink, Roger Rochat, Zoë Julian, Meredith Pinto, Adrienne D. Zertuche, Bridget Spelke, Andrew Dott, Pat Cota

Quality Rated Childcare Programs and Social Determinants of Health in Rural and Non-Rural Georgia (2016)


Authors: Nancy Webb, Madison Gates


Maternal Exposure to Ambient PM2.5 and Term Low Birthweight in the State of Georgia (2015)


Authors: Claudia Twum, Jianmin Zhu, Yudan Wei

Infant Safe Sleep Interventions, 1990–2015: A Review (2015)


Authors: Trina C. Salm Ward, Giselle M. Balfour

Prevalence and Characteristics of Bed-Sharing Among Black and White Infants in Georgia (2015)


Authors: Trina C. Salm Ward, Sara Wagner Robb, Florence A. Kanu

A Report on the Impact of Lactation Consultant Services and Breastfeeding (2015)


Authors: Debra Kibbe, Bo Feng, and Angela Snyder


Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Failure of the Georgia First Grade Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (2013)


Authors: Jia Feng, Michael Kramer, Bridget Dever, Anne Dunlop, Bryan Williams, Lucky Jain

A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Low Birth Weight Prevalence in Georgia, USA (2013)


Authors: Jie Tian, Wei Tu, Stuart Tedders, Dongmei Chen

What New Mothers Need to Know: Perspectives from Women and Providers in Georgia (2013)


Authors: Julie A. Gazmararian, Safiya George Dalmida, Yesenia Merino, Sarah Blake, Winifred Thompson, Laura Gaydos


Obstetric Provider Maldistribution: Georgia, USA (2011)


Authors: Bridget Spelke, Adrienne D. Zertuche, Roger Rochat

Very Low Birthweight Births in Georgia, 1994-2005: Trends and racial Disparities (2011)


Authors: Anne Dunlop, Hamisu Salihu, Gordon Freymann, Colin Smith, Alfren Brann


Infant Mortality and Social Environment in Georgia: An Application of Hotspot Detection and Prioritization (2010)


Authors: Tse-Chuan Yang, Brian McManus


Social and Economic Determinants of Infant Ill Health in 159 Georgia Counties: A Comparison Study (2009)


Authors: Angela Peden, Alison Scott, John G. Peden


Infant Mortality Trends Among Georgia’s Residents, 1995-2003: Targeting Healthy People’s 2010 Goals (2007)


Authors: Diana Sturges, Laura Gunn, Padmini Shankar, Shrikrishna Shroff

Circumstances of Pregnancy: Low Income Women in Georgia Describe the Difference Between Planned and Unplanned Pregnancies (2007)


Authors: Laura Gaydos, Carol Rowland Hogue


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Reported Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy (2006)


Authors: Tushar Shah, Kevin Sullivan, John Carter


Maternal Characteristics Associated with Place of Delivery and Neonatal Mortality Rates Among Very-Low-Birthweight Infants, Georgia (2002)


Authors: Julia Samuelson, James Buehler, Dianne Norris, Ramses Sadek


The Prevalence of Socioeconomic and Behavioral Characteristics and their Impact on Very Low Birth Weight in Black and White Infants in Georgia (2001)


Authors: Cynthia J. Berg, Lynne S. Wilcox, Philip J. d’Almada


Georgia’s Breastfeeding Promotion Program for Low-Income Women (2000)


Authors: Indu Ahluwalia, Irene Tessaro, Laurence Grummer-Strawn, Carol MacGowan, Sandra Benton-Davis